Surprises and tomatoes and canning, oh my!

Three or so weeks ago, I declared tomato season done.  Vancouver’s rains had kicked in, it had gotten cold, the tomato plants were just about dead, and covered (still) with a smattering of still-green fruit.  After a paltry harvest of, oh, half a handful of sub-par fruit, I called eff it and enjoyed the last enormous tomatoes we received with a friend who had too many.  Big mistake.

While I was writing off our own plants, they were quietly producing late season specimen, such as Harry the sniffer…


…and sexy Eloise.

It’s easy to spot her. The saucy minx.

In the end, as you can see, I got a little bowlful of edibles in almost-November.  Hardly the harvest I’d anticipated when I bought 16 canning jars (especially for the breed of plum tomatoes Harry the sniffer belongs to).  Luckily, those jars were used up anyway.  But perhaps you’ve got a bigger haul of tomatoes, and want to try a hand at canning.  Or don’t mind hitting up the produce store; our local organic farm is still quietly ripening and selling juicy heirlooms.

This year was my first attempt at canning.  Fella’s mum is a pro, and although I’d never given muc thought to the process, after trying her canned tomatoes, I was convinced that, yeah, this is yet another DIY that’s worth doing.  If you’d like to give it a shot, check out my article on canning for the city dweller at online mag The Grind.

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