Sunshine Award! Whee!

The Sunshine Award

I learned about something brand new on Friday…the Sunshine Award!  (I tried typing that sentence without the exclamation mark.  It’s entirely impossible.)

Up here in BC, where the winter rain has set in once more and the days are midnight-black before 5pm, such an award brings an extra cozy glow and sparkle of light.  Thank you to Ally from Made of Stars for nominating me for this award!  Ally, you made my day.

If you’re nominated for the Sunshine award, you answer a series of meet-the-blogger questions, then list ten nominees–favourite blogs and bloggers–of your own.  It’s a great way to encourage each other, celebrate favourites, see who others enjoy, and network from the pj-clad comfort of your living room.  Love it!

How it works:

If you are nominated, include a link in your blog to the person (blog) that nominated you. Answer some questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers (and link their blogs in your post). Don’t forget to inform people that you have nominated them.

The questions:

1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Uhm.  This is awkward.  Do I google basics from some of those old dead dudes whose work I dozed through in that one disastrous English Lit class?

2. What is your favorite number?  30.  It’s my current age, and although it’s been one of the hardest years of my life, it’s also brought me a sort of courage.  Perhaps it’s a symbolic chance for me to have a fresh start, after the gong show what was my 20s.

3. What is your favorite animal? Oh, without a doubt, the elephant.  Such an exercise in juxtapositions…enormous and wrinkled, yet beautiful and graceful.  I admire their strong matriarchal societies and the incredible respect they show when they encounter the bones of their ancestors.

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter? Hard Head Vegan (surprise!).  You can find me on Facebook.  I don’t tweet.  Partly because I feel silly using the word “tweet” in serious conversation, and partly because I squander enough time on Facebook to make it impossible to justify.

5. What is your favorite time of day? I’m a late-late afternoon kind of girl.  I love when the sun is gold, almost red-tinged, mellowed enough that it doesn’t burn your skin, and just so beautifully aged and slow and cozy.  Fermented day.

6. What was your favourite holiday? When I was younger, my family and I travelled together often.  It’s hard to pick just one, but we have some good memories of getting together for family events in England.  The last trip we all went home to the Bahamas was amazing, too.  My brother, one sister, the other sister and her husband and four kids, me, my parents, all sandwiched into our three-bedroom childhood home.  Daddy died this June, and I treasure that last full-family holiday even more now.  Didn’t know it would be the last.

7. What is your favorite physical activity? Yoga.  Specifically, tree pose.

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? There’s a fantastic caffeine-free chocolate chai my sisters in England send me.  It’s nothing but cocoa nibs and spices, and tastes like a sassy hot cocoa.

9. What is your favorite flower?  I’ll cheat and pick two.  Bahamian: night-blooming jasmine.  Vancouver: magnolias.  Especially fragrant ones.  I love the full, waxy petals, too.  They always remind me of the song “Strange Fruit” so it’s a bittersweet association.

10. What is your passion?  What, singular?  Probably writing.  Fiction in particular.  November is Novel Writing Month, so I’m frantically trying to steal moments to work on a story about two girls who share the same father, one raised in BC, the other in the Bahamas.

I nominate:

Asian Vegan Eats.  A collection of positively delicious Asian recipes (and ingredients and foods) from a brand-new vegan.  Very useful for anyone new to veganism (or veg-curious) who feels uncertain about being able to cook vegan food.  Check out the Chinese Green Onion Pancake and Stir-Fried Nagaimo with Beancurd.  Yum!

Recipes Happen.  Bonnie was my very first follower, and definitely helped boost my confidence in the first few days of blogging.  Recipes Happen keeps a steady flow of posts popping into my inbox, and inspires me to keep blogging, and blogging often.  Check out Bonnie’s Saturday Upsides, where she shares recipe salvages and positive spins on those less than ideal kitchen outcomes.  I also love Bonnie’s Recipes That Didn’t Happen, which encourage me that I’m not the only food blogger out there to set off the smoke alarm.

The Lean Green Bean offers something fun I’m trying out this month: Foodie Penpals.  Dietetic Intern and Registered Dietitian in training Lindsay matches up over 1300 bloggers and readers, who send and receive monthly food parcels.  One of the best ideas I’ve heard of in a long time.

Rant and Roll.  Ethelthedean’s posts are quirky, smart, and take a witty look at such social blights as Cosmo magazine (who hasn’t stood awkwardly next to some granny while trying not to look at the g-spot endorsements and front-cover announcements of Yet Another Kama Sutra).  Plus, Ethelthedean makes me think I should actually try running one of these days.  And that it might be kind of fun.

Appetite Affliction: Vegan delights with a raw food influence.  Nachos at Appetite Affliction posts gorgeous vegan food porn.  Her Pastisio/Pasticcio (with Cashew Bechamel) is one of the most interesting, unique (to me) gorgeous bits of tasty to pass by my eyes in a while, and her focus on the raw is good for those of us who rely on the stove and oven a bit too much.  I also enjoy her irreverent tone (a la Food Wank).  Her About Me section says it all: “If you don’t want to try any of my recipes that’s fine (pussy) — at least enjoy the photos.”

Vegan in the Sun: Caribbean Delights.  Taymer Mason gets much respect for being a blogger and a cookbook author.  I’ve eyed up her Caribbean Vegan, and have a spot waiting for it on my bookshelf (*cough* birthday *cough* December 29 *cough*).  Taymer’s blog is a gorgeous array of decadent vegan goodies, both traditionally Caribbean and using island ingredients in innovative ways.  Breadfruit Ravioli With Calabaza Squash Filling?  Yes please!

Poinciana Paper Press: “These trees do not weep.  They burn.”    The online home of writer/publisher Sonia Farmer’s press, this blog showcases the happenings of a handmade bookmaking company.  An entirely different side to the wonderful world of writing.  And if you happen to be in the Bahamas, you can join a book-binding party.  I’m looking forward to being there for one.

My Little Space.  Delicious and beautifully photographed food abounds, but four words say it all: best carrot cake ever.

Vegan Crunk: Eatin’ Vegan in the Dirty South.  Bianca’s got a gorgeous array of vegan food porn.  A great resource if you’ll be down south (or up south, depending).  If not, it’s still a great place to go to drool over naughty delights like juicy sandwiches and vegan sausage and apple butter biscuits .

This Vegan Life.  Smart, well-written musings on veganism and vegan philosophies.  A good, down-to-earth understanding of issues like “I could never give up cheese”  and well-considered responses to objections to going vegan.

And finally…Made of Stars.  I hope it’s not a cheat to nominate Ally, who nominated me, but here I go anyway.  Yummy yummy recipes, musings on vegan parenting (which I hope will be good for me in the next little while J).  Ally’s Pumpkin Lasagna is on my list for winter gourd goodness in the next little while.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ally says:

    Thank you for your lovely introduction!
    I enjoyed reading your answers, fellow elephant admirer!
    I look forward to checking out the blogs that you nominated.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I noted with glee that you’re also a fan of the elephant folk. They’re such beautiful friends 🙂

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