Pardon me, I was hibernating

Ya-a-a-w-n.  Is it springtime yet?

I’ve awoken from my winter hibernation.  Yes, prompted by cold, the short, darkening days, and Mother Nature, I nodded off for a couple of months, hoping to awaken to the seasonal thaw and the first magnolias of spring.  That is, anyway, the official explanation for my two-month time-out from blogging.

Alternatively, I could spin an (unlikely) yarn that I, well, just didn’t eat very much over the past several weeks, and therefore had no vegan goodies to share.  In reality, November brought the thrilling climax to four months of hardcore paperwork for a gigantic application (results pending…probably until the actual first magnolias of spring), a bout of a particularly nasty cold, a stab at Novel Writing Month.  If Gardein made soy-based partridge-in-a-pear-tree substitutes, November would have brought me one of those too.

December was no less busy.  I continued the novel I didn’t finish in November, made three batches of shortbread and a chocolate cheesecake, hosted my Vancouver sister and her new fella for dinner (first dinner guests in our now-shared apartment), checked out a potential new home, mulled apple cider, sulked when everyone was too full for my chocolate cheesecake, got a shorter but no less grump-inspiring cold, drank copious quantities of Vegan hot buttered rum (fat and spices in a cup,  basically), sulked a little more, froze the rest of the chocolate cheesecake, watched Netflix movies in bed, made a New Year’s Eve rum cake, and wondered if I was looking a little more solid than usual.  And I had a birthday.

So, 2013 is here and I’m checking in and, with the zeal of all those spandex-clad folks pounding the pavement in search of that firmer New Year’s bod, I’m back to the blogosphere.  Which is to say, 9 days late and dragging my behind.

I do have a handful of blog resolutions for the next eleven and two-thirds months.  They say it’s good to have a fitness buddy; perhaps my blog friends can help keep me accountable for staying in shape, Hard Head Vegan-wise:

1. Consistency.  Which is to say, no more long absences.  One of my offline resolutions is to accomplish a lot more new writing, and to clear out all those pesky completed stories and poems and get them in some sort of published format, so this will require a little juggling.  I’m confident I can handle two blog posts on average, though.

2. Make New Friends.  My Vancouver sister has always been great for introducing me to interesting new dishes (and, I like to think, vice versa).  This holiday season, she broadened my horizons with some tasty Japanese-inspired dishes, including a quick, healthy, and very filling Udon soup.  I’d like to recreate it, and explore a few other new-to-me ingredients, including the unmolested vanilla bean pod, infused waters, fun with miso, and the mysterious (again, to me) seaweed.

3. Sweet Sips.  Not necessarily sugary-sweet, but sweet as in “Sweet, divine delicacy”.  A friend suggested quite a while back that I post some beverage recipes, and I’ve been absorbing interesting information on infused waters, homemade chai, and blending with bitters; this year, it’s time to deliver.

Every year, I scribble down a long list of resolutions, which ends up getting lost.  This year, I’m keeping it simple.  I’ll leave it at those three, and work hard to deliver…starting…now!


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    1. Ally says:

      Sorry, I’m not sure what happened there!
      It’s great to see you back. 🙂 I noticed your absence. I’ve missed your humour.

      I’m sorry to hear about your cheesecake rejection. I’m sure it was delicious. I would have had 2 slices!

      1. Thanks, Ally! I missed blogging, and I have a lot of reading to catch up on (Made of Stars, here I come!) The cheesecake will be back. I need to tweak the recipe a bit, but I’m looking forward to shouting its creamy, chocolatey goodness from the rooftop. Or at least from my keyboard.

      2. Ally says:

        I look forward to the recipe 🙂

  1. ethelthedean says:

    I would totally have made room for your cheesecake. That sounds delicious!

    Those are fab goals too 🙂 I look forward to reading as you write! x

    1. Thanks, Ethelthedean! I wish I could have somehow uploaded some slices and distributed them through the cyber-ether. Perhaps we’ll get to that wonderful, wonderful place one day…downloadable desserts is a worthy technology goal, I think.

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