Best Winter Surprises Pt 1: Harold, The Surprise Carrot

Spring’s nearly here.  Which means I’ll shortly be planting foods, from potatoes and broccoli to quinoa and black chickpeas.

I’ve been hoarding (in true winter style) some pictures of special harvest treats enjoyed during the winter season.  As the days stretch out and the sun shows signs of actually returning once more, as the daffodils emerge and stretch their yellow faces up, as the cherry trees begin to wake, my chilly heart melts a little.  Therefore, I shall hoard no more.  Presenting part 1 of 3 in my Best Winter Surprises: Harold, The Surprise Carrot

1. Harold, The Surprise Carrot

Harold (the surprise carrot) appeared in an even more surprising bag of potatoes.  Fella headed to the community garden one rare and sunny January afternoon.  He returned with a giant bag full of potatoes that were hiding, utterly unknown, in the depths of our community garden plot.  We planted potatoes in April.  We were such potato hogs that we decimated the supply before September.  Or so we thought.  He went to the garden to clear out the plot for its new owners (we’re just switching to a different spot), and came back with a huge sack of beautiful, dirty treasures.  Surprise!

Surprise Potatoes
Surprise potatoes.  Planted in April, harvested in January.

But Harold, sneaky fellow, thought he’d do the potatoes one better.

Can you spot Harold?
Can you spot Harold pretending to be a Banana Fingerling?
Nice try, Harold.  I've found you.
Nice try, Harold. I’ve found you.
All clean, Harold's adventures are almost over...
All clean, Harold’s adventures are almost over…
...or are they?
…or are they?
Harold has nearly found his destiny.
Harold attempts his camouflage skills amongst the cauliflower florets.
He's still up to the same old tricks.
Even with spicy arugula added to the mix, he’s still up to the same old tricks.
Harold's destiny has been fulfilled.  A tiny and delicious morsel on my dinner plate.
Harold’s destiny has been fulfilled. A tiny and delicious morsel on my dinner plate.

I love these little surprises in life.  Tiny surprise carrots amongst the surprise potatoes.  These miniature treats are a reminder that not every unexpected is unpleasant.  Some are even organic, packed with Vitamin A and come with a sassy little personality.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. HAHA! Adorable and amusing!

    P.s. I updated my links page today and added you to it ❤

    1. Aww, thank you, that’s awesome 🙂 Yes, I had a lot of fun with Harold. I would have enjoyed getting a Where’s Waldo-style costume for him, but I was too hungry for that level of fancy.

  2. Ally says:

    Oh Harold was very cute. How could you eat him?! You vicious plant-eater! hahaha.

    I love garden surprises too! We had a spontaneous pumpkin vine last winter, and spontaneous sweet potatoes recently. In fact, I ate a tiny sweet potato today. She was a little bigger than Harold. I got 4 chunks out of her 😉 Those potatoes look amazing!

    1. I know, it was callous of me. Coldheartedness was never so delicious, though. Oh, tiny sweet potato! Four chunks is not a bad haul. I do like to let veggies get big to maximize the food I get out of ’em, but there’s something special about those minuscule munchies. Last summer, we had some pebble-sized potatoes. I finally threw them in a soup, and they were the tastiest things ever.

  3. Julie says:

    Awww, Harold was so cute. I think you should find his cousin and hide him in one picture in every post. My boys had a series of books with a yellow duck hidden on every page and had great fun with it…You are inspiring me to finally rent a garden plot, kinda…

  4. kyarul says:

    Ah, Harold cousins were hiding in our carrot pots here!!! They were more slender than him but longer by a centimeter or two. In fact, they were the only survivors after 3 rounds of carrot sowing last year (snails/slugs had everything else!! Greedy!). They were harvested this year as the kids were trying to weed and prepare for another go of carrot sowing. Yes, like Harold, Horace and Harry were just as tasty when dry fried up with a touch of garlic and some other carrots from our veg box!!

    1. I love those little hidden treasures. Matter of fact, because we changed plots in the community garden, we learned about a few leftover potatoes that have dutifully returned for the new owner. She was wondering what these strange plants were. Luckily, she is also a banana fingerling fan, so she’s happy to have these volunteers.

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