Strawberry Banana Smoothie

A while ago, my friend Monique asked me about adding drinks to my blog.  “Hmm!” I thought, and then proceeded to post several weeks worth of desserts and savoury dishes.

The truth is, I almost always just drink water.  I have an herbal tea or two through the day, and often a chai, but I have to make an effort when there’s a need to keep flavoured beverages around for guests or Fella to enjoy.  I don’t buy juice, as it’s pricey and overly sweet, soda is out of the question (with the exception of the occasional fancy ginger beer as a hot and zesty treat), and while in the summertime, I love fruit infused waters (more on these in the future), unless it’s really, really hot, room temperature H2O is about all I care for.

Well, finally I’ve got something to share.  I’ve been dipping into the big, bad world of smoothies lately.  Talking with a friend who’s a nutrition expert and teaches cooking classes, I was reminded of how handy they are for getting extra fruits and veggies into either picky eaters or busy folks.  I’ve tried a few combinations involving strawberries, blueberries, avocado (not ick; it’s mild, adds a nice creaminess, and tastes nothing like guacamole), walnuts and almonds.  Today, I present, ironically, Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

Why ironically?  Well, I hate bananas.  They’re one of perhaps 3 perfectly vegan foods I never, ever choose to eat.  It’s a long story involving a sad childhood incident with early morning banana pancakes and an ill-advised cranberry apple topping, eaten way too early in the morning, but in short, this fruit and I don’t get along.

Who could resist a delicious banana?  Oooh, ooooh, I know the answer!!
Who could resist a delicious banana? Oooh, ooooh, I know the answer!!

This is too bad.  Bananas are cool.  They’re splendidly packaged, available in gorgeous yellow tones, and grew eagerly in my back yard growing up.  Who can turn down fresh, free, home-grown organic bananas?  Oh, that would be me.

Fella, however, loves them, so this simple smoothie was made for him.  Unlike me (who is ready for a full and heavy breakfast, ideally built around potatoes, rice, or whole wheat pasta, within 15 minutes of waking), Fella is not a morning eater.  This smoothie got a nice helping of vitamins B6 and C into him, along with fiber, manganese, and potassium.  It’s also an effortless two servings of fruit.  I haven’t yet tried adding greens to smoothies myself, but perhaps in the future.

Flavourwise, I tasted a drop and, aside from being banana-y, and therefore not my forte, I can say that it was sweet and had a nice creamy texture.  If I didn’t have a thing against bananas, I’d probably enjoy it, and I’d definitely make it for friends or family.  Fella loved it and much yum yumming was heard throughout the house.  It has no added sugar, since the fruits are plenty sweet enough, contains only three ingredients, and took very little time.  Apparently some folks just use water in their smoothies, so if you don’t have almond milk, or want to keep it even simpler, you could try that.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie  

Presenting the strawberry banana smoothie.
Presenting the strawberry banana smoothie.

1 ripe banana, sliced
1 cup frozen strawberries
3/4 cup almond milk

Blend until smooth.

Now, I’m new to smoothies, so I can appreciate that this recipe is pretty rudimentary.  Still, it’s a start, and given how quick they are to rustle up on a busy morning, I look forward to getting fancier in the future.

How about you guys?  Are you into smoothies?  Got a favourite recipe?

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  1. kyarul says:

    Yes! We LOVE smoothies!!! Kids create their own creations too and everyone swoops down leaving nothing for the vultures once the dust has settled! Try mango, strawberry, water and a grating of fresh ginger!! MMM. The options are endless. Pina colada anybody? Coconut milk, pineapple and peaches (I hear you get gluts of them! YES! We are all jealous). I have also added tofu and oats to mine for a little extra filling! Ooo. All berry smoothie!!! Yes great to ensure everyone has a little extra goodness in their tummies on a school morning. I haven’t tried it but apparently an excess of cucumber (sadly, doesn’t occur in our house) also whips up to a nice thirst quenching drink on a summers morning. Thanks. Enjoyed this post. It’s like having an afternoon chat on one of my favourite topics….Food and drink. xx

    1. Ooooh, mango, strawberry and ginger…I’m sold! Why oh why can’t mangoes grow here? I’ll have to keep a nose out for when good imports make it over. I can always tell; the aroma and presence of nice, sticky sap around where the mango used to be attached to the stem. Such tasty ideas, thank you! I’m not a big cucumber fan, but we got some seeds given to us, and I’ve been trying to think ahead as to what I can do with all those cucumbers. Maybe some cucumber and summer berry? xx

  2. Ally says:

    I am intrigued by your Morning Banana Pancake Childhood Mishap. 🙂 Are cranberries and apples the other two foods you avoid? Or did they narrowly escape lifelong derision? Haha!

    Your smoothie looks delicious, and I now want one.
    I think you already know that we drink green smoothies so I won’t bore you with further tales of those, but I will say that frozen bananas make the best base for smoothies. They make smoothies creamier and thicker. Just telling you for Fella’s sake.
    I don’t think I can help you with any non-banana recipes. It is a sad day in this house when there isn’t a banana left to chuck in a smoothie. I am not a fan of watery smoothies. Mangoes are nice in smoothies, but you don’t need me to tell you that. 🙂 .

    1. Oh, Ally…the mishap of shame. It’s kinda gross, but in short, let’s just say that something about that combo didn’t settle well, and it was a sad day for my fifth-grade tummy. Until a few years ago, I couldn’t even tolerate the smell of bananas. So being able to at least whip up this smoothie was ground-breaking for me! Luckily, both cranberries and apples have come out unscathed, though I try not to have cranberry apple sauce atop any type of breakfast treasure. The other two foods I avoid? Lol hmm. Actually, bananas are the only food I avoid, but it sounded more dramatic to reference three. I’m never excited when Lima beans get rolled out, but they’re at least tolerable.

      I’m going to hit up your recipe list and check out your green smoothies. I’m not sure if my gentle little food processor and the reluctant Magic Bullet are up to devouring hearty kale leaves, but I do want to work on cramming a couple extra helpings of leafy greens into the ole daily diet, so they will be put to the test shortly. And thank you for the frozen banana tip! That’s actually a good idea, as there’s often one that seems on the brink of turning just a little too ripe, and I find myself saying things to it like “Don’t look at me, buddy, I’m not eating you…” I’ve heard wonderful things about a vegan ice cream made just from pureed frozen bananas, possibly with flavourings or other fruit added in for good measure. I can’t help but feel I’m missing out here…

      1. Haha! Your banana experience sounds like my Vegemite experience 😉 You’re now the second person I know that hates bananas, which I think is kinda mental but I still adore you!

        I love smoothies, and I’m one of those freaks that makes them with water. I’m glad F enjoyed it, even if you didn’t!

      2. I’m so relieved that I’m not the only person to have had an adverse reaction to something that’s reputed to be a delicious treat! I’ve never tried Vegemite…I think I tried Marmite on a childhood trip to England and was left baffled by the experience, so have not felt too inclined to try anything with the suffix “mite” since then.
        I know, my banana hatred is inappropriate….if it’s any consolation, though, I’m a total sucker for plantains!

  3. Katie says:

    One of my favorite smoothies is a combination of 1 cup orange juice, 2/3 cup raspberries, 2/3 cups blueberries, 2/3 cup strawberries, and ice.
    I once made a really good smoothie out of pineapple, blueberries, and almond milk.

    1. thehardheadvegan says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Katie! That orange and berry smoothie sounds yummy, as does the pineapple, berry and almond milk one. I’ll give both of them a try!

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