I’m back.


It’s been a minute.  Or, you know, four years.

Ah, 2016.  A world in which there were no Beyond Meat burgers and mainstream eateries had zero interest in contorting themselves to snag a corner of the plant-based pie.  And by pie, I mean wallet.

Personally, in the past few years, I’ve published a novel, broadened our family to the tune of one small human, waved farewell to my day job, and made lots of food.  

Beyond Meat burger with spiced roast sweet potatoes. Yes, I bought into the hype. This one was a lazy night dinner from a meal prep service. We’ll discuss later.

Much has changed since I last came around.  Yet, some things remain.  

Vegan?  Check.

Hardheaded?  We’ll come back to that one.

Still turning to words to make sense, find calm, and escape life’s hectic truths, and sort through ugly realities?  Like never before.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, here’s photographic evidence that I do occasionally still cook food from scratch.

Black bean stew with garlicky brown rice rotini and kale blossoms.

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